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At the request of some of our readers, has opened a discussion forum. The discussion forum will serve as an area to discuss politics, current events, religion, philosophy, and science from a Traditionalist and Third Position perspective.  Registration is free, and forum members will be able to post as soon as they are approved […]

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Signs of the Times: British “Gender Neutral” Baby’s Sex Revealed

Recently, the news of a two British lesbians who decided to raise a child in a “gender neutral” environment reached newspapers both here and in England because the couple decided that to finally reveal that the child was a boy. Only, the child wasn’t being raised to be “gender neutral”.  Despite the claims that they […]

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Revolt Against the Moderates

Every so often here at RidingTheTiger, we get messages saying that we’re going too far, and that we need to tone down our rhetoric. Such people sometimes say that we are pushing away allies and making our message less popular through advocating a reactionary or “extreme” platform.  In a word, they wish that we would […]

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Robert James Fischer, known to the world and as “Bobby” Fischer, the world chess champion, passed away on this day in 2008.  He was 63 years old.  Widely known as one of the world’s best chess players, he was remembered as perhaps the man who revolutionized the game of chess more than anyone else in the […]

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Martin Luther King, Jr: A False Idol

Today and tomorrow, children all over America, will likely spend some portion of the day eulogizing a modern-day saint, who has been canonized by the media.  Assemblies will be called, guest speakers will be brought in, and even others will be “mobilized” in memory of this supposedly greater-than-life hero.  Likewise, on this day (an honor […]

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Ron Paul vs. the Media and Lobbyists

With the arrival of 2012, the American Presidential election is sure to be a topic which is on many people’s minds, both in America and abroad. Among the candidates, there is one person in particular who seems to earn the anger and vitriol of the media, special interest groups, and lobbyists.  That person is none […]

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