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Decision Reached on Harmful Politicized Cults Around the World

From August 27 to 29, the Center for Inter-religious, Traditionalist, and Ecumenical Studies (CITES), in conjunction with, convened a conference to discuss the effects of sectarianism and political cults around the world.  Together, they issued a joint statement in which they condemned the sectarian motives of people exploiting religious principles to incite political instability. High […]

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Tradition, Antitradition and Countertradition

Most people who are familiar with the giants of the Traditionalist school such as Julius Evola or Rene Guénon understand what is meant by Tradition according to these authors.  In this context, “tradition” has a meaning which is far removed from mere custom or folklore.  Instead, “Tradition” takes on the facets of something which is […]

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The Curse of Egalitarianism

There was a time when Christianity was the religious dogma of the Western world. While the religion technically still exists, it has been usurped by new, modern values. One of these values, perhaps the most taboo to challenge, is egalitarianism. Instead of being told to praise an omnipotent God, we are told to praise our […]

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Mr. Obama of Amerikwa and Dr. Ahmadinejad of Iran

As the 2012 elections approach, the candidates of both American political parties are lining up to see who can best appease their masters.  A big issue, especially for certain lobbyist groups such as AIPAC, is how the next President of the United States will deal with Iran.  The major candidates, with the notable exception of […]

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Postmodernism and the “New Left”

This article benefitted from the contributions of Lin Yu-han. To liberals, almost everything everything is a social construct. Such people assume that things smply revolve around the given social environment rather than their inherent natures.  This allows for the liberal pseudo-intellectuals to engage in social engineering. After all, if these things are simply social constructs […]

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Recommended Reading and Listening

A while ago, Ray Wilson and J. Aage Ulriksen wrote about Breivik being a decoy Nationalist.  The Southern Nationalist Network has also published an article on a similar topic: ‘Counter-Jihad’ fake nationalism.  It is worth a read; his perspective is unique and he explains it eloquently. Other Recommended Reading: American girls suck! – by Charlie Bushmeister […]

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Men and Women, Then and Now

From a biological perspective, there are innate characteristics that differentiate men and women.  Such characteristics are in themselves realities of physical form, and assign to each of them a different role or function in life. This means that men cannot replace women in carrying out these functions, nor can women replace men in other functions. […]

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Modern Stoicism

By the Will of The Destroyer and The Creator It is becoming unquestionable as a result of common knowledge bolstered by media that our societies have entered a decline.  We are looking at an uncertain period of transition in which—for Americans—we will remain relevant, but no longer the sole dominating force in world affairs.  Like […]

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The Rise of the Secular Theocracy

Webster defines “theocracy” as the government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided.  Throughout high antiquity, theocracy, in one of many forms, was the standard, rather than the exception.  The rulers of Rome were the embodiment of a regal spirituality; in Tibet under the Lamas, political […]

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