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The Tale of “Amina” and what it really means

A rather insignificant blog exploded onto the international stage last week, as the supposedly “fair and balanced” Western media lamented over the circumstances of its author: a middle-aged lesbian blogger with American citizenship supposedly abducted in the early hours of the morning by intolerant Syrian thugs.  The story was so perfect that these agents of the mainstream media, such as MSNBC, the Huffington Post, Time Magazine, CBS, the Guardian, just to name a few, ran sympathetic articles speculating that “Amina” was in the clutches of militantly homophobic Islamists.  By contrast, the media, seemed to care little for 19-year old American citizen Furkan Dogan, who was murdered on the high seas by Israel, but that’s a different story.

But later suspicions began to arise that the photos of “Amina” might have really belonged to Jelena Lecic, a Croat living in England; and a few days later, Tom McMaster, was forced to admit that he was the author of the blog, and that nobody had been captured.  Of course, many people remained unrepentant.  One commenter on a popular American political forum said: “The point is not that the person Amina was not real, but rather that the blog brings light to the situation faced by the womyn and LGBTQI community in Syria”.

According to intelligence, MacMaster is a 40-year old master’s degree student at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and his wife, Britta Froelicher, is a Ph.D. student.  Considering this, it’s rather odd that a married couple who are working towards university degrees to be able to travel to Jordan, Syria and Turkey, unless you are being paid to do so.  During the same time, the IDF shot dozens of peaceful protestors at the Golan Heights and the deaths of twenty of them were almost forgotten as the entire American public beat itself over the head over the fate of the fake Syrian lesbian.  This begs the question of who is really financing the MacMasters, and how an obscure blog catapulted to instant fame.

On a political note, there is one thing of interest.  The supposed persecution itself in turn gives legitimization to the revolt in Syria, which has been considered by some to be at least a regional rival to Israel under Bashar al-Assad.  Not only this, a US official stated:

“Syria has a more fundamental choice…to break its alignment with Iran, realign with the Gulf (monarchist dictatorship) countries and actually, potentially, open itself to an peace process.” —Michele Flournoy, US Undersecretary of Defense for Policy

One might wonder what kind of “peace process” Flournoy was talking about.  But regardless of political implications, the truth here is that the supposedly objective media in America loved this fairy tale because it was simply too convenient for them.  It played upon the sympathies of political correctness in America, and because their ultimate goal is to export such politically correct sensitivities to the Middle East.  In other words, the supposed persecution matches their expectations: a tolerant, victimized lesbian brave enough to start a blog so that the intolerant, backwards, hate-filled Muslims would be tolerant to homosexual perverts.  And it matches their expectations that gays and lesbians like her in the United States should be some kind of protected group, lest we all become like “them“.

But the deeper implication here is also that of post-Western cultural imperialism.  At a time when the U.S. imperialists are attempting to foment a color revolution in Iran, liberal Westerners are not merely content to sit back as their own countries degenerate into moral chaos.  They are keen on imposing the decadent way of life onto other nations, by any means necessary.  At this time, no other culture comes under more fire than Middle Eastern culture, since, to cultural liberals (of which neo-conservatism is a part), gender roles are an abomination, and the traditional family something which must be eradicated.  The same people who control the media and promote so-called tolerance for sexual deviants, also wish for intervention in the Middle East.  However, the fact is that, even if Bashar al-Assad is a dictator, and many people might agree to this, Syrians do not need gay rights, liberal “diversity,” Hollywood filth, rap music, or whatever cultural refuse that the globalist elites want to offer.

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